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Play your old, classic DOS games again with this free program
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Alexander Herzog

Despite the fact that new games are increasingly more sophisticated both in terms of their technical features such as graphics and playability, and of their stories and themes, old DOS games still have a charm. Unfortunately, the characteristics of the newer operating systems don't allow you to play those games directly. Thus, in the tradition of the gaming world, you need a "cheat" to play again those games. And one of those cheats is D-Fend Reloaded.

This program uses the DOSBox emulator capabilities to make those games playable again, so you don't need a huge programming knowledge to enjoy those games. You only need to install the program and upload your old games to your hard drive. Then, you need to import them into the program using the File menu. The games will appear on a list on the main interface. To play any of the games, you only need to double-click on its icon, and a new DOSBox window will open, showing you the game.

If you discarded your old games or want to get some more, the Help/Old games option shows a list of websites where you can download classic games, both in freeware and shareware versions. You may find some hidden gems there.

In sum, dust off your old CD-ROMs or download those pixelled classics and enjoy them again as in the good ol' days using this free program.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The program allows you to play your beloved old games again


  • The interface is kind of dull, but this does not interfere with the program's capabilities
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